Braun Log House - 1885

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Things were different and at times very difficult in the late 1800s. 

Built in 1885 in the Burwalde area by Gerhard Braun, this log house reflects his impressive craftsmanship with its dovetail construction and engraved numbers on the outside corners, which allowed the house to be disassembled / reassembled easily if needed.


With only three rooms, the front half of the building served as the kitchen, dining room, living room and entrances (from all three of the outside doors) and it is where most of the family activities took place.


The other two rooms (in the back half of the building) were bedrooms and photographs can be seen on the wall (in the master bedroom) of the parents and children from the original family, while a homemade wheelchair that was used by one of the children, can be found in the second bedroom.


The Braun House was moved to the museum in 1976 and then after years of planning, extensive restoration began in 2014, with it finally re-opening in August 2016.


Inside the PTM Braun Log House


Did You Know?  After immigrating to Canada, Jakob Braun of Osterwick carved the wooden bench in the kitchen with only a pocket knife and wooden dowels (no metal pieces) and the painting above this bench shows the house and barn, with the north door in the kitchen leading to the barn.

** Be sure to visit the PTM to discover lots more details and history on this exceptional heritage building ... and many thanks to all those who helped with the through the PTM's "Save the Braun House" Campaign (2015)!


"Preserving the Gems of the Past

... for Those of the Future!"


(Photos below of PTM summer students tending to the Braun House)

 PTM Volunteer 3 800x600  Tending to Braun House Flowers        
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