Roseisle United Church - 1891

100 0671Built in 1891, this building examplifies churches found years ago in each community.  

Roseisle United Church, formerly Roseisle Presbyterian Church opened on June 21, 1891 under the pastoral care of Rev. Wilson.  In 1892, plans to build a fence and shed for horses were made; and in 1906, it was planned that the church be moved to the same location as the cemetery.

Two meetings were held to plan the building of the church; at one of which it was decided that a pump organ should be purchased.  An offering was taken and $100 was collected for the purchase of the organ.  The congregation would be responsible for bringing wood for the stove heating the church in winter. 

On June 17, 1956, a 65th anniversary service was attended by 150 people.  In July 1969, the church became part of the Carman Pastoral charge.

The Bible on the pulpit is older than the church and dates back to 1876.  The windows once had a pattern on them that was the same as that on the cabinet at the front of the church.  The pulpit and pews are in new condition.

The pipe organ did not come with the church and no longer works.  However, the pump organ is in good working order and is often played at Heritage Day in June and Threshing Days in September. 

NOTE: A collection is presently being taken to restore the pump organ; donations are graciously accepted.

The church was moved to the museum grounds in 1978.

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